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People are loving the consistency and durability our Extreme Resin Provides.

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Extreme Resin is a simple epoxy resin solution to bring a BRILLIANT HIGH GLOSS finish to any crafters project. It adds an amazing glass like finish that cures like a rock every single time you mix and pour it out. You can count on Extreme Resin to get the job done right every single time.

Designed and perfected by craftsman just like you, Extreme Resin is made to be easy to use with a 1:1 mixing ratio (by volume). The pot life is longer so you don't have to rush.

Both beginner and expert friendly epoxy resin out of the box. Easy to use 1:1 ratio. It provides a consistent experience with reliable viscosity to complete projects on time.

Less monitoring, Less Bubbles, Consistency you can rely on, work indoors without harmful smells (No Harmful VOC's). Extreme Resin Complies with FDA Standards.
When fully cured, it's a rock hard inert plastic.

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Proudly Made in
the USA

Proudly Made in the USA

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3-5 Day Fast Shipping

Thousands of Happy Customers

Gary A. used Extreme Resin on his countertops. They came out so well, he decided to use it on his shower walls. Gary now uses Extreme Resin for other projects too.

Patrick P. made the switch from another brand 6 months ago. He uses Extreme Resin for all his Art pieces.

Yes! I Want Extreme Resin Now!

It's designed with low viscosity and longer pot life so you can actually work with it without rushing.

No complicated formulas to figure out how to use. convenient 1:1 mix ratio by volume.

Extreme Resin cures rock hard and helps resist anoying scratches.

The amazing chemical and water resistance(s) combined with superb mechanical properties, makes this the go-to product for all types applications not just coatings.

Big box brands sell similar epoxies for 30%-50% more.

Hurry, Buy now to Get More Extreme Resin for less

Yes! I Want Extreme Resin Now!

About Us

Founded by a 1st Responder family who started by testing out epoxy resin on a small projects with our family. We fell in love with how amazing the projects turned out.

We wanted to offer a product that would make more people happy when creating a masterpieces of their own. We love to see your pictures and hear your excitement after using our resin to seal the deal on your latest project.

Meet The Team

When we are not working on resin, Kyle is a Firefighter/Paramedic and has been for 13 years. Chrystina is a Realtor and our little one goes to school full time and loves to dance.

As entrepreneurs we strive for the highest customer service and best quality products. We don’t want you as a customer for only one time, we want you for a lifetime.

From our little family to yours, we thank you for supporting our small, but growing business.

Don’t Take It From Us...

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying:

I have ordered Extreme Resin a few times, saw they were now on Amazon and I was pumped. I do a lot of small “DIY” projects and their resin is high end and crystal clear. I recommend.


This is super easy. Just pour each in equal amounts and mix thoroughly! This is the key to perfect pours every time. There is no guessing, just be vigilant with the equal this cold weather fill the sink with hot water and you will make it that much easier by placing the bottles each in the water to loosen the viscosity of the product. I'm super happy with this product. I wont buy anything else ever again!

-Cheri S.

Price was right. communication was spot on. Friendly, helpful. all my concerns were addressed in a non condescending manor I poured 46 sq ft of counter top. and did not run into any problems. the trick is the prep I will be needing 2 more gallons next month for back splash and extreme resin is where I will come to get it

-Brian D.

Best resin I have used yet. I will definitely be continuing to use this. Fast delivery and reasonable price. Just one of the things I have done using this resin recently.

-Tammy H.

What a great product. It's clarity and ease of use will make me a repeat customer

-Sean P.

I bought this for my daughter, she is starting a home based business and we were looking for good quality, less expensive resin mix. what we got was less expensive WAY better quality than she had tried from other manufactures. Clearer results less bubbles. I spoke with the owner personally, she was friendly and very helpful, showed true interested in what we were doing! We have since bought more and will again in the future.

-Vianey P

I am very happy with price and service, and it was shipped and received without delays! Have had the chance to use it yet as I was not quite finished with my other resin. It was the No VOC's, low odor and no fumes that got my attention.(I have a very sensitive olfactory system) but I'll be back for another review.

-Loraleigh H.

Wanted to inform that costumer service was quick to contact me and make things right in regards to a previous comment. Thank you for your time regarding my issues and you helping to correct the problem.


Great customer service fast shipping. Plan to try a pour today. Will leave feedback about likes an dislikes after..

-Sheryl W.

I love this resin! It's a great price for the quantity, and I go through a lot of it. They have excellent customer service too.

-Julie l.

Very good customer service! Ships fast, will be purchasing again! Perfect for our small business!


I’ve used many resins. This is an amazing product

-Jason E.

I’ve used many resins. This is an amazing product

-Nova G.