Mixing Instructions

This is the direct link to download our PDF epoxy resin mixing instructions. 


What’s the best way to mix this Epoxy Resin?

Mix this resin 1:1 by volume. When mixing this product, make sure to use round containers & mix thoroughly by scraping all sides and bottom of the mixing container.  Improperly mixed epoxy will be the cause of uncured projects. 

We recommend pouring 1/2 " MAX at one time. 

First always try to mix chemicals at room temperature 70° - 80°F. You’ll want to make sure that you have 1 part base resin and 1 part curing agent measured precisely, by volume. Pour part A into Part B mixing bucket, and we recommend mixing by hand for at least 3 minutes and between 3-5 minutes or until it is fully mixed. Always scrape the sides while mixing. Allow the mixed components to stand in your mixed cup for at least 5 minutes.  This allows for bubbles to rise to the surface. 

HOWEVER*** when pouring, do not scrape the sides you may get that tiny amount of unmixed material. This can impart unmixed material that may cling to the side and has not been incorporated. Don’t worry about any bubbles in the mixture, they will all work themselves out.

What are the mixing directions for using a scale?

We recommend mixing by scale when mixing less than 50 grams of material. If mixing by weight / 100 parts resin : 85 parts hardener

How much mica or pigment can I use?

We suggest only using epoxy resin color pigments, mica pigment powder, alcohol inks and dyes. Please try to get your desired look with less than 5% ratio of pigment to resin. Remember, the higher percent of color you add, the less chance of a perfect cure. If you go too high, your project will not cure. We recommend under 5%. Yes, more has been done... Please test. 

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Safety Precautions & PPE Advised |  Common Questions


Please review our safety and PPE precautions when using epoxy resin. 

 Personal Protective Equipment Recommendations. 

1. Wear gloves!

Always wear gloves when working with epoxy. It is the best way from protecting your skin from possible irritation. Working with epoxy and resin can also be a sticky mess, so it makes for an easier cleanup!

You can use either latex or nitrile glove. We prefer to use nitrile gloves here at our shop, they are a lot stronger than latex and do not come with a risk of an allergy.

If you do get some epoxy on your skin, immediately wash your hands with soap and water. If you find the epoxy is still sticky on your skin, you can use an exfoliating hand cleanser to remove it. Do not try to cleanse your hands with any harsh substances like bleach, alcohol, or acetone. These are too rough for your skin, and they will not react well with the epoxy resin.

2. Work with the epoxy resin in a well-ventilated area.

You might notice a slight odor that might be noticeable when working with the product. This odor is just a smell -not fumes from the product. If you are sensitive to the smell, wearing a respirator will help.

3. Avoid contact with your eyes!

If the epoxy resin comes in contact with your eyes, do not rub your eyes and flush with water for 15 minutes repeatedly.

Seek medical attention immediately!


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